About Us

109 Main St. Milford, OH 45150
It can be tricky to find us.  We are located UNDERNEATH the vacuum cleaner store.  You can get to us by entering the vacuum store.  If the vacuum store is closed, there is a rear entrance.  If you are at the front of the vacuum store, there is an alley way between us and Padrino’s. Go down that alley to the back of the building.  It’s easiest to turn right on Garfield Ave, then right on Water St. and park in the parking lot behind the buildings.  You will see Padrino’s back deck.



Monday – Wednesday, Friday: Closed. Often times we are in the store doing maintenance. Just call or text to see if we are in.

Thursday: noon to 8pm.

Saturday: 9am to 1pm

Call or Text: 513-834-3717

email: info@coralpets.com

Yes, we have frags! We do over 99% of the fragmenting here at the store. We keep mother colonies of many types of corals, so we can offer you the size piece you are looking for, small or large.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you accept trade-ins?

Yes. With coral or fish please call ahead to make sure we have room for the animal(s). Only store credit is given for trade-ins.


Can you special order fish or coral for me?

We are happy to try and obtain your livestock wants. Especially with fish, availability can be seasonal. Call or email us with what you are looking for.

How long can my fish/coral be in the bag between the time I leave your store and put it in my tank?

Corals can be left in the bag for several hours. Fish usually 3-4 hours max. A big consideration is to keep the temperature from dropping or rising too much. Minimum should be 72 deg. Maximum 84 deg. I have Styrofoam containers to put your purchases in, at no extra charge.

I purchased an animal from Coral Pets, and it died…

Contact us as soon as you notice the animal has passed away. Text or email is best. If possible, send pictures.  Test your water and provide results. There is no set policy on store credit or replacements.  Some animals we will replace or give store credit.

Can you test my water for me?

Yes I can! Water testing is free. Bring at least 50mL of water if you want all tests performed.